word about how I find my recipes

So, in case you were wondering how I have the time to troll the internets to find all the different recipes I post on Facebook, the short answer is: I don't. Here is the system I have built up over time.

The first step is getting a good feed aggregator. I use Google Reader. Second, and ongoing, is that whenever I find a food blog with a good recipe on it, I subscribe to the blog so that the posts show up in my reader, on the logic that if they post one good recipe, they'll likely post another at some point. Some of my favorites are Pioneer Woman, Simply Recipes and Smitten Kitchen, but the most helpful one by far has been TasteSpotting, which does me the fantastic favor of collecting recipes from all over the web.

So I have all these subscriptions (plus some I haven't mentioned), and I organized my Google Reader so that they are all in a dedicated "Recipes" folder. At whatever point in the week I get to my menu planning, I have a look over my fridge, freezer and pantry to see what's on hand, and then search the "Recipes" folder for the ingredients I want to use up. At other times, I just browse the folder looking for something that sounds tasty; whenever I find something that looks good or has an ingredient I'm looking for, I star it. Then I can take the extra step of viewing my starred items in Google Reader and browsing them for yumminess. Then I write down the day's dinner recipes for a week ahead in my Franklin Covey planner, and use those recipes to construct my shopping list.

So that's how I bring the power of Google Reader to bear on the vast resources of the internet to make my cooking and menu planning a lot easier and more fun, without spending huge amounts of time on the project.

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Kathleen Marie said...

I must say I am impressed.