a really tasty breakfast sammich

This is my approximation of the Vienna Sunrise, a popular sandwich at Cafe Vienna, a now-defunct cafe near my graduate school. I was on my way to Cafe Vienna for one of these when my mom called me on the morning of September 11, 2001 to tell me something crazy was going on in New York City. I went and got my sandwich and took it back to my apartment and watched the horror with my roommate and ATE the sandwich while we watched. I am not a monster. It was just a really good sandwich.

For a Vienna Sunrise you will need:

-a bagel of your choice, toasted (I advise using plain the first time and then figuring out what will complement the flavors best from there)

-sun-dried tomato mayonnaise (if you, like my husband, are a Crazy Person Who Does Not Like Sun-Dried Tomatoes, you may use regular mayo or just butter instead, but then it will not be a Vienna Sunrise, just a regular ham and egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, although still plenty good)

-one egg

-ham (I am normally a sweet ham kind of girl-- maple, honey, brown sugar, etc-- but I find more savory smoked ham works better in this application)

-sliced provolone cheese

For the sun-dried tomato mayo, chop up a few-- say, four-- sun-dried tomatoes (the soft or oil-packed kind, not the super dry hard kind) and mix them in a bowl with a big spoonful of mayo. This will make enough for several sandwiches.

Next, melt some butter in your favorite egg pan. Crack the egg into one side of the pan, and on the other side plop down your ham so it frizzles a bit in the butter and gets nice and hot.

While the egg and ham are doing their thing, toast your bagel. As soon as it comes out of the toaster, shmear both sides with sun-dried tomato mayo.

When the egg is just about done, transfer the hot ham to the bottom half of the bagel. Place the cheese on top of the ham. Place the hot fried egg on top of the cheese. Season to taste with salt and pepper, then top with the other half of the bagel.

Oh, so good.


Kathleen Marie said...

Well, now I am hungry... sounds delicious.

Sue said...

We often do the bagel sandwich thing for breakfast (my garlic herb bagels are the favorite). If I ever find provolone cheese and sun dried tomatoes here in Japan you can bet I'll give this a try! I'm sure I can get the tomatoes at an import shop. The cheese might be a wee bit trickier. Would cheddar be a decent substitute?

Recovering Sociopath said...

Sure, I think cheddar would work fine-- any cheese with a little character to it would do.

happygeek said...

That sounds crazy good.
But sun-dried tomatoes make everything good.