boycotting Whole Foods?

Keep boycotting. Maybe he'll be forced to drop prices to the point that I can actually afford to shop there.

The whole thing is just so bemusing. I frequently (well, as frequently as I can given my budget and two small children) patronize the local independent cinema. I have had enough interaction with the managers and owners to realize that we are on opposite poles, politically speaking, but it has never once occurred to me to punitively boycott their business because of that. Why on earth would I? I'd love to persuade them to my point of view, seeing as how I think I'm right and all, but punitive action doesn't seem to me to be a good first step to persuasion.

If your aim is coercion, on the other hand, it's a great start!

It seems to me very telling that the same people who were yapping about civil liberties a year ago are now doing every thing they can to punish a man whose great crime was to dare voice a dissenting opinion.

I think this is not really about health care at all; this is about pretentious self-identified progressives who feel they have been tricked. Shopping at Whole Foods is (or was) a seriously status-making consumption choice. Mackey has publicly robbed them of a major source of coolness, and that's what's really pissing them off. Now they will have to find some other expensive cultural appurtenance to prove how hip they are.

You know, Wal-Mart sells organic stuff now. I'll bet they'll even charge you more if it makes you feel better.


Kimberly said...

Ok, what I really don't get is that no one had a problem with the WF health care policy for its workers, it is VERY generous. And all the guy really said was that he didn't think that the country should go into debt to finance a health care system which is certain to be less efficient than the current one. WHY IS THAT OBJECTIONABLE?

Seriously, I don't understand the kerfluffle about this.

I think you must be right about the "progs" being tweaked by the idea that their Big boss is more fiscally conservative than they thought. But still. So annoying.

Also, randomly, I am emailing you better code for your McDonnell button.

Because you aren't a Wahoo.

M. Robert Turnage said...

The idea is to get media attention towards the issue more than anything else. There is going to be marginal economic impact, at best, and if Whole Foods profits do go down, the economy will be blamed before the boycott.

PETA is not very well funded, but their actions are so extreme, people think they are more important and influential than they actually are. This boycott thing is striving for the same effect.

My beef with Whole Foods is how amazingly superficial people involved with them are. There is a very strong belief that the outer expression reflects the inner life, whether it means a nose ring, pink hair, or a long beard.

Shoppers shocked to find out that the inner beliefs of someone don't match the apparent outer personae of a company are naive at best.

happygeek said...

Being Canadian I had no idea what you were talking about (so I googled it). Oh My Word. The owner of a corporation standing up for other corporations and less government involvement? The very idea. How absurd:)

Your last paragraph made me laugh out loud.