some favorite Tweets

I got this idea from Veronica, who got the idea from me.

Just go with it.

Anyhow, here are some of my favorite Tweets:

lindastanley It almost never works out to take 3 cats and yourself into your designated tornado closet.

ayjay Some days the bear eats you, and some days the bear mauls you in a leisurely fashion and *then* eats you.

toddleddredge When I was a kid, I did not eat raisins for two years after my brother told me they put ants in the raisins at the raisin factory.

newsadvance Starbucks cart on way here said Snacks for Change. Hardly. #inaug09

SKEdman sigh. poor hubs missed train. I have stabbing pain in right eye, as if I had succumbed to my impulse to stick a ballpoint pen in there. Yes, I did favorite one of my own Tweets. So?

boomama Did you ever eat so much sugar in one day that you felt like you needed to eat a whole chicken just to balance things out? Yeah. Me too.

ahc You know, my memory of the last time Democrats had 370 electoral votes and 56 Senate seats is that it turned out be . . . complicated.

rocksinmydryer Suggestion: do not store a glue stick next to your chapstick in your desk drawer. Ahem.

pattondodd - about to do an interview with a French magazine. Considering talking in a Yosemite Sam voice the whole time


Veronica Mitchell said...

Good ones. My favorite is Yosemite Sam.

Mary-LUE said...

The picture of someone trying to get three cats in a closet during a tornado scare will NEVER leave me!

happygeek said...

These truly crack me up.

Beck said...

That Yosemite Sam one just about killed me. One time I was asked to do the reading in church, and I told my mom RIGHT before I went up that I was going to do read all of God's lines in my Grover voice....

Three cats in a tornado closet! HAHAHAHAH.

a Tonggu Momma said...

This *almost* makes me wish that I tweeted. Thanks for the laughs.

painted maypole said...

those are fun. i don't tweet, but i do enjoy a good FB status.

thanks for swinging by my blog. :)

(and I'm a bit of a "religious nut," according your definition, as well!)