sackcloth and ashes and days without eating!

It's Lent again! Whee!

I am giving up:

recreational internet (including Facebook, Twitter and this here blog, so I guess that means the sporadic Rilla readalong will be confined to Sundays for the next little while)

Meanwhile, my parish is having a Lenten blog again this year. Posts will begin this coming Monday, and will consist only of Scripture readings for your lectio divina practicing pleasure.

See you.

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happygeek said...

I have never, not ever given up something for Lent.
Comes out of a tradition where even advent candles were considered "popeish." (I only wish I was joking.)
However, I so thoroughly enjoyed celebrating and focusing on the advent season that I am giving up pop for lent and am limiting my recreational internet.
I found advent gave Christmas greater meaning and the extra intentional focus on Christ drew me closer to Him as well.
See you on Sundays.