for He wrote your name on my heart in flame

I totally forgot to mention that Peter turned forty this past Saturday! We had two parties, one a brunch for family, one an informal small plates dinner for a few close friends. They were exhausting to prepare for, so I didn't have time for much blogging. But that's okay-- I was so pleased at how everyone was so eager to celebrate him (and to give him presents, which he has to share because we're married, ha ha!).

I publicly laud my husband with some frequency. I think sometimes this makes him a touch uncomfortable, as though my completely justified and ardent admiration could possibly be confused with the sort of dysfunctional placement-upon-a-pedestal move that can only end in disappointment. I can't IMAGINE why anyone would think that!

Have no fear, my darling. I know you have flaws. I just can't think of any right now.

Just kidding. That annoying habit of being right ALL THE F&$*!ING TIME is a grave flaw.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yes. I came across a song on the iPod today that I hadn't heard in some time. And I was thinking that, while Peter and I are not the type of couple to have A Song, as in, "Oh, honey, they're playing our song," if we were that type of couple, this would SO be our song.

Thigpen's Wedding
by Kemper Crabb

Here I set my face unto you,
Here I speak my heart's true vow.
Here I choose to walk beside you,
Loving only you, my heart speaks true,
Forever more from now.

I will love you in the dawning
And in the bright noonday.
I will love you in the even.
Everyday I live, my heart I'll give.
I'll love you from my grave.

I have heard God in your laughter.
I have seen on Him your face.
And it's clear now what He's after,
For He wrote your name on my heart in flame.
It's a wound I'll not erase.

We will rise on wings of morning;
We will fly before the wind;
We will dwell within the mysteries
And the glories of Jehovah's love,
A circle without end.

We will pitch our tents toward Zion
In the shadow of His love.
We will covenant between us;
We will covenant with the earth below
And with heaven up above.

We will covenant with the dust below
And the Spirit up above.


Hairline Fracture said...

That's a beautiful song--or I should say, beautiful lyrics, since I've never heard the song. I'll remedy that--I don't know enough love songs that include God!

Happy belated birthday to Peter. Coincidentally, my husband turned forty this year and also has an annoying habit of being right all the time.

Thank you for linking to my post about Mary's obedience. I'm flattered!

ukmom said...

I am yet another wife who suffers from an always right husband. In our house, we go out of our way to trick him into being wrong, just so we can say "nah nah nah nah nah!!" Is this mean?

Beck said...

Oh, happy birthday to your husband! My husband also suffers from Always Rightness and sometimes I want to totally punch him, but most of the time I appreciate his sensible good nature.