do you think they did it on purpose?

Here is the number two headline and blurb in my New York Times email this morning:

Detroit Bailout Is to Bring On U.S. Oversight
Congressional Democrats were drafting legislation for government control of the auto industry, including the possible creation of an oversight board.

Here is the number three headline and blurb, the one right next to the above mentioned:

In Hard Time, Russia Moves In to Reclaim Private Industries

The Kremlin seems to be exploiting the economic crisis to establish more control over financially weakened industries that it has long coveted.

"That must have been on purpose," I said to Peter. He shook his head in disagreement.

"The New York Times doesn't have any sense of irony."

In any case, wow.


Kimberly said...

And, the NYT think there is nothing wrong with govt "publicizing" private industries. NYT agrees with libs that govt better able to run things than private sector.

They will continue to believe that until they themselves are absorbed into the Borg.

Recovering Sociopath said...

I know. And then they will shriek about losing the freedom of the press as if they had no clue it was coming. As if this isn't a ginormous red flag.

I fear we are about to get a lesson in what the loss of civil liberties really looks like.

Zanshin said...

If I were the person who did newspaper layouts - then yes, I totally would have done it on purpose. :)