my aid and comfort during the Truth Project

So. As you witness my public struggle with the Truth Project, you might wonder, how does she do it without going stark staring mad?

The short answer is prayer.

The slightly longer answer is prayer and Lesslie Newbigin's Proper Confidence. He articulates in limpid prose many of the things I have been trying to say for years. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is.

The human person is not a mind attached to a body but a single psychosomatic being. The implication of this, of course, is that the gospel does not become public truth for a society by being propagated as a theory or as a worldview and certainly not as a religion.It can become public truth only insofar as it is embodied in a society (the church) which is both "abiding in" Christ and engaged in the life of the world.

Nice, eh? Then there's this:

Christian discipleship is not a two-stage affair in which a concept of truth is first formulated and is then translated into a program for action. It is a single action of faith and obedience to a living person, the response to a personal calling.

...and this:

Protestant fundamentalism is, like liberalism, a child of the Enlightenment. It has sought to reassert the authority of the Bible in the new situation created by modernity. The concern was right, but the method was wrong. I am referring to a kind of fundamentalism which seeks to affirm the factual, objective truth of every statement in the Bible and which thinks that if any single factual error were to be admitted, biblical authority would collapse. Human judgment would replace the word of God...I have every sympathy with the fundamentalist's rejection of scholarship that denies any real authority to Scripture, but I cannot accept a kind of defense of the Bible that rests on a surrender to the very forces threatening to destroy Biblical authority.

That "kind of defense" is exactly what the Truth Project is up to.


Michael said...

So it opposes radical orthodoxy? It sounds that way (based on my dilletantish awareness of radical orthodoxy,).That's probably for the best. An embrace of postmodernity is not an adequate solution to the challenges presented by modernity and postmodernity.

Bea said...

I am so enjoying these dispatches from the front. The church I had begun to attend after our move was just starting the project and I was prepared to endure it, but fortunately we found a different church which seems MUCH better. I got enough of that Josh McDowell brand of exaggerated/falsified claims when I was in high school.

Hairline Fracture said...

Wow...sounds like an excellent, thought-provoking book.

Anonymous said...

To all of this, I say, what is your motive? What motivated you to pay and go to the training seminar in the first place? Do you just like to be cynical? Is your goal to make sure that all your friends believe this to be not only a waste of time, but also a venue of falsehood?
I may not have a vast vocabulary with which I pontificate, but maybe my child-like approach to many things helps me view them in a clear manner. With so many different articles, beliefs and issues that could be worthy of our time to criticize and argue with, I find it ironic that you are taking so much time to pick apart something that is not anti-God, anti-Jesus and can be a great tool to help us evangelize the world! Do you have nothing better to do? Just your statement of going stark raving mad…. It is a bit overboard don’t you think? No one is forcing you to watch these. Maybe you watch them with your own predisposed idea of what they are saying without really truly hearing what they are saying. Maybe you should spend all your time attacking something that is worthy of attack, and heaven knows there are tons of them to pick from.