My 100 Things, Part I

Apparently in the blogosphere there's a custom of listing 100 things about yourself on your 100th post. I am waaaay past my 100th post. But here they are anyway:

  1. I have this thing for men with beards. My hubs has a beard. I'm pretty sure this stems from my early childhood obsession with Kenny Rogers.
  2. I love the original Star Trek. Love it. Say what you will in praise of later iterations, nothing can beat the plaster rocks, the big orange knobs, the earnest unselfconscious Enlightenment humanism of the original series. Also, DeForest Kelley=yum!
  3. I am 31, not 13, but sometimes my parents still make me cringe a little bit. I hate this about myself. Filial piety is a non-negotiable in my world.
  4. I regularly use phrases like "filial piety" in the course of normal conversation.
  5. It took me an embarrassingly long time to get that "I don't feel like it" is not a sufficient excuse not to do something I otherwise would, and that "I feel like it" is not a sufficient reason to do something I otherwise wouldn't.
  6. St. Paul, Doestoevsky, Aristotle, and Jane Austen all helped me get there. Doesn't that sound like a great autobiographical account of a life change by literature? I wonder if I'll ever have the time to write it.
  7. If it has Nutella on it, I will probably eat it.
  8. I have been in love with the following literary characters: Walter Blythe, Sidney Carton, Ivan Karamazov, Alyosha Karamazov. Then I met my husband, who is an even finer human being than Alyosha.
  9. On more than one occasion, I have entertained myself for hours by doing a GIS on the phrase "gruesome industrial accident."
  10. At any given moment I am probably feeling guilty for not spending enough time fully engaged with my children. The misery and self-hatred of guilt makes me want to retreat inside my head, which makes me feel guilty for not fully engaging with my children. Repeat ad infinitum.
  11. Dr. Seuss is overrated.
  12. I would rather eat dirt than seafood.
  13. Except for seaweed. Nom nom nori.
  14. If I had the resources in terms of money and time, I would just collect degrees: theology, philosophy, literature, history, film studies, and on and on and on.
  15. I smoked cigarettes for five years, from the spring of 1997 to spring 2002, when I gave them up for Lent and just never took them up again. I recognize the smoking impulse in myself as a self-destructive one springing from my self-hatred issues, and objectively, yes, they're really gross. And yet...on the first truly crisp evening of fall, or sitting in the pub with a pint talking philosophy, it's so hard not to go grab a pack.
  16. I didn't read the Lord of the Rings trilogy until graduate school, when I heard Peter Jackson was doing the films. Since I have a rule about not seeing the movie before I read the book, and I really wanted to see the movies, I had to read them. And I realized that in so many ways they were the stories I had been longing to read all my life. They've been on pretty much constant rotation ever since.
  17. The movies are pretty cool, but without Tom Bombadil the story just isn't complete.
  18. During both pregnancies, as soon as we found out we were having a boy, I began a fierce and futile campaign for the name "Johnny Cash Edman."
  19. If we are ever blessed with a girl, her name will be Anne Cordelia Edman. And I will call her "Ace," and she will take over the world.
  20. I learned to like Guinness because I wanted to impress a boy. I'm still friends with the boy (hi, Trent!), and I still love Guinness.
  21. I have fantasies about my adult psyche being sent back to inhabit my child self at about six or seven years old, and re-living my life and doing everything over the right way. But then I get to the part where I meet and marry Peter, but we have different children, and I realize that I've sacrificed Colin and Marky on the altar of my regrets, and I can communicate my grief to no one because no one would believe that this life is the second time around for me. So then I decide for a while to quit dwelling on my unpleasant history. For a while.
  22. I'm highly introverted, but a verbal processor. So I talk to myself a lot.
  23. I consistently establish grossly unrealistic expectations of myself, so I feel like a failure ALL THE TIME. I'm constantly surprised at how many people don't notice what a TERRIBLE JOB I did.
  24. For my fifteenth birthday, my parents reserved a picnic shelter at the local park and my dad rented a volleyball net and my mom got tons of food and cake. I invited a couple of acquaintances from school and and a couple of college students from a Bible study I tagged along to sometimes with a college girl from church, and everybody from my youth group. Four people came. Four. Not one of the four was from my church.
  25. But I'm not bitter. It was actually sort of a relief, and freed me from feeling guilty for not liking the youth group types more than I really did.
  26. Only very recently-- like, in the last couple of weeks-- have I decided that a few very special cookies have my permission to be crisp rather than chewy and soft. But only a few special ones. The majority of cookies must. Be. Soft.
  27. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
  28. I have never seen a James Bond film.
  29. I no longer wear makeup. I have some philosophical reasons, and also some financial ones, but really, it's mostly that I just can't be bothered.
  30. If I have any ethical concerns about shopping at Wal-Mart, they are obliterated by my very pressing ethical (and practical) concern to practice good stewardship of my family's very limited financial resources.
  31. I don't plan to have 16 17 18 kids myself, but I will enter in upon a spirited defense of the Duggars at a moment's notice. I don't agree with them about everything, but in a world where humans are so undervalued, they have shown they recognize what is truly important, and that is just spectacular.
To be continued.


Veronica said...

A man without a beard is just a big ugly woman. I trace my beard fixation to Little Women. Oh, that Prof. Bhaer.

Bea said...

8. Me, I was always a sucker for Kenneth Ford, but then upon mature reflection, I go for Jem Blythe.

18. A good friend of mine just named her baby son Cash after Johnny. It's a good name.

27. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

happygeek said...

My hubby had to shave off his beard for his new job. I cried.
If it has Nutella on it I will feed it to my children. What a way to ruin perfectly good bread.
If you name your daughter Anne Cordelia you will be my hero forever and ever.
And ever.

Recovering Sociopath said...

Veronica, you made me laugh out loud so hard I was afraid I had awakened the kids.

PeeJay said...

15.I used to have a tradition when the first cold front of autumn came in...I'd go out on the hill, watch the stars and smoke a ciggarette. I miss that tradition from time to time. I totally understand the desire to talk philosophy and smoke. For me, it's sipping wine, smoking and listening to Sting.

Julia said...

14. ME TOO. DH and I are always ending discussions about interesting topics with, "I'm going to do a dissertation on that."

28. But there are so many options! :) What are you in the mood for: tongue-in-cheek cheesiness or even moving grittiness (the last one)?

31. I don't know about this one... I would certainly argue for their right to make the choices they have. And as I'm ardently anti-abortion, I would say that once you're pregnant, the ship has sailed on family planning. However I don't buy the argument that there is something fundamentally more pro-child or valuing of human life or whatever about a big family than a small one, or one made up of bio children versus one made up of adopted ones.

Erica said...

I TOTALLY agree with you on Walmart. I was (and still am) pro-mom and pop, but Walmart is so inexpensive! Everything is so much cheaper, I can't not shop there.

Beck said...

Oh for Pete's sake. Where did my comment go?
My husband has a dapper beard. I prefer the bearded male.
When someone is very anti-Walmart, I secretly think that they are a big rich elitist. Ideals are all well and good, but my kids need shoes.