it's international babywearing week!

I have known of the existence of International Babywearing Week for all of three days. Then Kimberly did her post about it today, so I figured I might as well follow suit.

You've already seen me go on extensively about babywearing, and my Ergo in particular, here, so for this post I thought I'd focus on the awesomeness of the wrap.

In September we took a little mini-break with the kids and rented a cabin at Fairy Stone State Park. We hiked and hiked and hiked in the cool green forest; it was wonderful. They were long hikes, though, and little legs get awfully tired trudging up and down the mountains.

We had brought the Ergo, of course, but the Ergo, wonderful as it is, can only hold one kid at a time. So Colin rode on Peter's back in the Ergo, and we put Marky on my back in the wrap, which is 6 yards of cotton fabric I got off the dollar rack at Wal-Mart (before they went and got rid of the fabric section, darn them!). I haven't even hemmed the ends, so the total cost of the wrap was $6, and I'll put it up against any wrap out there for versatility and convenience.

In these pictures I have Marky in the back wrap cross carry. It is extremely comfortable for both kid and parent.

Also in these pictures I have Stupid Hair. It is at an awkward length right now, so I typically cover it with a scarf or bandanna. That day I didn't bother. We're hiking in the forest of southern Virginia, I thought. Who will see me?


And, in case you are wondering, that is a dirty diaper tied to a stick. He pooped, there were not trash receptacles on the trail, and I didn't want to put the dirty diaper in the bag with the food and water. Peter says that, all things considered, it was a pretty appropriate standard for our company.


Veronica Mitchell said...

Poop on a stick. That's some impressive family heraldry.

Also like the new photos in your header.

Kimberly said...

Can you show me the back cross carry?
I suspect you need a spotter for that one, eh?

Recovering Sociopath said...

K., sure.

You need a spotter at first-- like the Ergo. But you get used to it.

Laura said...

Cool! I do believe I just might go raid the clearance fabric now! I never thought of that! Thanks!