I have been tagged

Kimberly has tagged me with a meme: seven random things.

1. I prefer men's pants. They fit (me) better and they are significantly cheaper.

2. There are not words for how much I love Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

3. I cannot stand Thomas Hardy novels.

4. But I just adore Cormac McCarthy.

5. I made my own pita bread yesterday, for the first time ever! It was so cool! I am so excited; this is one more thing I can make for so much cheaper than buying it at the store. Yay!

6. Peter and I have not actually made clear to our very complementarian relatives that we are egalitarians-- we've just sort of let them assume certain things. I know I'm just being conflict-avoidant. We'll have to make it clear, soon, though, because we want to teach our children to think a certain way about gender, and our extended family is going to realize it.

7. I have this disturbing lump on my neck. My doctor ordered a sonogram, and it appears to be "nothing." But it still FREAKS. ME OUT.


Kimberly said...

ACK! You didn't tell me about the disturbing lump. I have a disturbing lump, too. AND IT MOVES! And gets BIGGER every day. (sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Am sure that the lump will, indeed, be nothing. Will pray for that.

Veronica Mitchell said...

Tried treading Jude the Obscure once. HATED it. Could not finish. Too much male whining.

Have not read Cormac McCarthy.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Joseph Conrad.

B/c of the compementarian/ egalitarian thing, I am considering switching which sibling is our children's guardian in case of our demise. They are all lovely parents, but I'm not sure my brother's method for raising daughters could avoid straight-jacketing my oldest, little lionheart.

AND I have a lump under my arm that comes and goes and gets checked out by a surgeon every year or so, but has so far received clean bill of health. Not that that makes your lump any less scary. Am praying for you right now.