Dear Creepy Guys Who Used Furtively To Watch The Endless Hi-Def Loop Of Nasty At The Front Of The Giant Victoria's Secret In Tyson's Corner,

Please be furtive again.

It was creepy enough when you made a slow loop in front of the store in an attempt to conceal your ogling, but is even worse to push my stroller past you while you openly stand there and stare.

It is yet worse than that when I push my stroller past and see that some of you are openly ogling not the Endless Hi-Def Loop of Nasty, but the nubile teenagers picking panties out of the sale bins just inside.



M. Robert Turnage said...

For shame!

Where is this endless hi-def loop of pure nasty?

I seek to be in front of it and shame all of the people who stare at it by willingly standing directly in front of it, blocking it from view. I shall sacrifice my poor eyes to protect all of the creepy guys from this pain.

My noble sacrifice.

Kimberly said...

I think you should walk in front of them with the kids in the stroller, and say something like:
"see something you like?"
"that stare is going to get you a couple of these (point at kids) before you can say 'child support' real fast three times."
or something.