that sound you hear is a soft whimper of longing

Eeep! I just found out about Legacy Books, the new 24,000 square foot independent bookstore opening in Plano, Texas.

Apparently it is in the same area as the Angelika Film Center's Plano location, whose existence I had not been aware of until today.

The combined magnetism of those two could almost make living in Plano bearable. If Plano didn't serve in my mind as the icon for all that is wrong with sprawling, McMansioned Dallas suburbs.

PS-- Half-Price, you will always have a special place in my heart. You will never be dislodged by some fancypants new bookstore up 75, I promise. I think I AM planning a field trip when we come down for Christmas, though.

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Veronica said...

My folks live in the area, and they do not understand why I don't want to move there. Being close to them would be nice, but I just can't bear the soulless sprawl.