This is Munguyiko. He lives in Rwanda with his grandmother. And as of tonight we are his Compassion International sponsors.

I am so excited about this kid. We are so pleased we can do some small thing to help.

But may we always remember: God did not make him so we could get a warm fuzzy from helping (although the warm fuzzies abound right now). Munguyiko is a real and particular human being with a unique purpose and place in the world.

What moved me to do this was Boomama's series of posts about her Africa trip. Go read them.

"It's so easy!" says the Compassion site. No, it's not. Choosing only one of the many kids in need was so very hard. You should go do it, anyway. The economy sucks right now, but I bet you can find $32 a month somewhere.

And if you can't, you can pray for Munguyiko. I'll keep y'all updated on him, I promise.


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