Things That Are Creepy

Veronica Mitchell at Toddled Dredge tagged me for a meme on things we find creepy. Here are five evidences of my neuroses ("Only five??" said my husband. Har har):

1. Flatbed trucks. Specifically, driving right behind them. I call them Decapitation Trucks.

2. Graceland Too. I visited once with a girlfriend. We considered ourselves lucky to have escaped alive. That dude, Paul McLeod? He does not have any sense of personal space. Also, when we walked in the door, he shook our hands, and his hand was really moist. I thought this was due to whatever goop he had been using to slick back his hair when we were coming up the walk. Then, as he got more and more involved in his manic spiel about Elvis, I noticed his odd lisp, and realized it was caused by a pair of dentures that didn't fit quite right. The poor fit caused spittle to build up in the corners of his mouth. This buildup he periodically wiped away with the palm of his right hand. Uh oh.

3. Pig's feet.

4. Punch Drunk Love

5. Drive-through transactions. I can't stand how they automate an interpersonal exchange. I always want to say to the person in the window, "I acknowledge your personhood! I recognize you are not a vending machine here for my convenience! I accord you dignity as a unique individual!" But probably, if I did that, they would get a little freaked out.

I tag Alex!


Veronica Mitchell said...

Magnificent list. Perfection. And I would love to see you say that to a drive-up teller.

Melanie said...

I always over compensate with drive-through workers, and they rarely return my love. Perhaps I'll give your line a try.

Beck said...

Moist hands are just creepy in and of themselves. But SPITTLE CAUSED moist hands make me feel like throwing up.

M. Robert Turnage said...

You are in total denial about your secret passion for pig's feet. Just because you blend them into smoothies and drink them every day, you cannot hide the fact that they are still pig's feet.

InvisibleMarketing said...

I try to compensate for the strange discomfort of the drive-thru transaction by avoiding it entirely and going inside.

Actually, I try to not go anyplace which has a drive-thru window. (Exception: White Rock Coffee.)

But my habit is really more about arterial health and gasoline consumption, now that I think about it, than spiritual health. Hm.