recently overheard from the bathroom

(where Daddy went to check on Colin, who had been set upon the training potty before bed)

"Buddy, put your wiener* behind the wiener guard."

"It's the Biggest Wiener in the World, Daddy!"


"I'm making it into a Great Big Tree Stump!"

"...uh, maybe you shouldn't make it so big."

"It's getting smaller, Daddy."

"Good. Then you can pee."

*We intended to be all anatomically correct and teach him to say "pen1s." Honestly. I don't know what happened.


Ghost Writer said...

That is hilarious. It reminds me of my nephew Ian who once told a girl in his kindergarten class, "My penis is bigger than yours."

M. Robert Turnage said...

I assume this blog is Creative Commons because I am adapting this into a community theater project.

Kimberly said...

HAH! Oh the things we have to look forward to, eh?