a meme

Alex tagged me for a meme. Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. Then you tag ten other people. Like I have ten people to tag.

1. I knew losing weight would make me feel differently about myself, but I didn't realize just how true that was. Trying on clothes is not depressing anymore! It's crazy!

2. Two habits I'm just not that interested in kicking: coffee and biting my fingernails.

3. I have really dark hair on my arms, which I think is kind of yucky, but I'm too much of a pansy to have them waxed. Besides, as a neofeminist I'm not supposed to care.

4. When I was a kid, I spent an enormous amount of time reading. The rest of the time I spent wandering around our huge yard, constructing elaborate imaginary worlds and adventures for myself. At least half the time I was doing this, I project my character in the imaginary world as a guy. I was me, just male. My best guess is that I was growing up in a subculture with such rigidly defined gender characteristics that if I wanted to be brave or heroic or strong or daring, I had to picture myself as a boy.

5. My favorite Sodor engine is Edward, without a doubt.

6. I <3 raconteurs. Especially if they have southern accents. So basically, I could watch all the Shelby Foote bits of Ken Burns' The Civil War on an endless loop, and be very very happy.

7. Every mom with little kids talks about how chaotic her home is, but I think mine is extra bad because I have such a high tolerance for mess and noise. Or I'm able to tune them out so well. Or I have low standards. However you want to put it. Anyway. Chaos.

8. I regularly lose sleep cringing and writhing in shame & embarrassment over things I did or said decades ago.

9. I love my laptop for giving me an escape from the kids. But I hate my laptop, because it offers such an easy escape from the kids.

10. I think Dead Poets Society is a pernicious, pernicious movie. I'll devote a post to explaining that sometime. Not today.

I'm not tagging anyone. Tell me something random about yourself in comments, if you like.


timoni said...

#4 sounds very close to how I spent most of my childhood--the main difference being I didn't pretend I was a guy. My variation was that I was teaming up with the prince (and assorted dwarves, wizards, sprites &etc) to save the princess (who was usually incredibly girly, useless and prone to tantrums). I, on the other hand, was an excellent archer, surprisingly handy with a sword, and generally the man with a plan.

It's weird, though, that we always had to save a girl. I don't ever recall trying to save a prince, or even the prince's enfeebled king-father.

Melanie said...

Here's a fact:

I think I kind of love you after reading this list. It's not every blogger that can use "raconteur" and "pernicious" with success.

Sherri E. said...

Aw, shucks.

"Pernicious" is actually a joke word for several of my friends at church because I tend to use it so much when I rant. Glad to know someone appreciates it.