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As banks grow tighter with their dollars in a period of uncertainty, families are running up against credit limits, forcing many to live within their incomes.


In our own household we recently reviewed our finances and discovered some major leaks. We are smart people, we told ourselves, and we need to be making smarter decisions than this. So expenses are being slashed accordingly-- but the problem is we aren't really big spenders in the first place (our grocery budget is $50 a week). So, if you can't reduce spending you've got to increase your income.

Accordingly, Peter has begun to campaign for a major pay increase (long overdue anyway-- he could make half again what he makes now if he were to go to the for-profit world). And I have gone from SAHM to WAHM. I've already got one consulting client who likes my work and pays very well, and I'm lining up another as I type. And Peter is chasing down some consulting jobs as well. When God answers prayers for provision, boy does He ever answer: we both have more potential clients than we have time for.

So if the posting slows a bit, it's because our former "free" time after the children have gone to bed is now being spent by both of us on our laptops, clickety clack, clickety clack, working away.

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M. Robert Turnage said...

This is terrible, but I have several rants about how wrong-headed religious and non-profit organizations are about handling money and teaching people how to handle money. One of my biggest issues is they way they shift from "charitable organization" to "business" depending on the situation.

"I need a raise."

"I'm afraid we can't give you one. After all, we are a charitable organization. By working for below-market rates, you are getting good karma points or your riches will be great in heaven or some other catch phrase that is supposed to make you feel good for getting paid less than what your time is worth."


"Someone willed the charitable organization a lot of money, and the family is contesting the will because the person changed the will when they were old and maybe not in their right state of mind."

"For our charitable organization to succeed, we have to function like a business. So we are going to call in the lawyers and take this family to the cleaners."


And I will not even get into the "children of missionaries expect people to just give them money their whole life for no good reason" rant I have.

Anyway, my financial gifts come from working in the corporate world and donating money where and when it is needed.