for the first time in sixteen years

I admit publicly to writing a poem. This was my entry in my church's poetry contest, in which we were to write a poem in the style of William Carlos Williams' This Is Just To Say.

Freshness Guaranteed

I have crushed
the prefilled communion cups
that were in
the vesting room

and which
promised to be
and efficient

forgive me
the baby was screaming to nurse
I didn't look
before I sat


Kimberly said...


(Did you really do it?)

(Was it in Tx?)

M. Robert Turnage said...

You heard the 'This American Life' where they issued the same challenge to their regular commentators, yes?

And for $51.99 per 300, I'd say that is quite a deal. Salvation at 17.33 cents per serving is quite a savvy use of one's money, no? Too bad they have expiration dates on them. an you imagine what would happen if you partook of a communion gone bad?

Maybe they should sell the expired ones to the Church of Satan. I'm just sayin'.

Sherri E. said...

Actually, K., I had never heard of such a thing until I was reading the church e-newsletter and Gmail targeted me with the ad. Oh, the irony.