little dogs in strollers

So, I am spending almost all of April in east Texas with my parents. I have a big list of things to do while we are here, and the first thing was to take the boys to First Monday in Canton, TX. First Monday is essentially a huge flea market held on the weekend of the first Monday of every month. There are tons of vendors and craftspeople selling everything from saddles to soap. It's a good place to go to people watch, if you like watching a certain kind of people (and I do).

There were also a huge number of people pushing strollers with tiny lap dogs in them. In all seriousness, I think I saw more strollers with dogs than with kids. There were also a number of people who obviously had the use of their legs but who chose anyway to navigate the pavilions in motorized wheelchairs. Apparently the wheelchairs are available for rent if you feel you aren't up to trotting around the flea market all day. It is a big flea market, but sheesh.

I do want to go back. We spent all our time in the pavilions, and it wasn't until we were pulling out of the parking lot to head back to Troup that I realized there were open air markets across the street. So next time we'll have to hit those. On our feet.

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Ghost Writer said...

One thing to remember - many people make an entire weekend of First Monday. Not all of the campers out there are for vendors. it makes sense for them to have their dogs with them. Frankly, there are many dogs I'd rather see in strollers or those shopping carts than running around on leashes, tripping people.

I love First Monday. We missed it last weekend because of other obligations.