I was just looking through my yearbook from my senior year of high school.

Wow. What an insufferable ass I was. Why didn't someone punch me in the mouth?

From the page featuring me and the other National Merit Scholars: "I personally found it very amusing that merely for taking a simple test, my entire education would be provided for."

See what I mean? Insufferable ass and I ended the sentence with a preposition.

And just for the record, my entire education was not provided for (as my still enormous student loan debt testifies), because instead of going to the Research I university that offered me full tuition remission plus room and board plus a stipend, I went to Podunk Bible College.

I committed a broad range of stupidities when seventeen, it seems.


Kimberly said...

I think parents should start kiddies at birth with "sigh....I SHOULD have gone to the free college. I would have had so much more fun and would have been so much happier." Then, MAYBE, the kids would do the not dumb thing.

My mom talked up her JYA program and the benefits of living overseas for a year. Neither of listened. We didn't want to leave our friends. Stupid us.

A YEAR in another country? For free, essentially? Stupid Stupid Stupid. I would do it now if I could. (and if I could take my hubby and baby.) ((and if it were free.))

M. Robert Turnage said...

Having seen your high school picture, please allow me to point out that a lot of the world seems to give undo attention and/or slack to pretty teenage girls.

So one could be really insufferable, but would instead get praised for being so interesting and contrary because of one's teenage girly girlness, instead of being righteously slapped down.

The silver lining is, of course, that you have grown as a person because of this experience.

Ghost Writer said...

Aren't we all insufferable asses at seventeen? That's why so many people, when they find out I teach high school English, recoil in sympathetic horror. I happen to love (most of) my kids.

I was a fellow member of the "Insufferable Ass" club. We had been told our whole high school careers that we were the elite and everyone should look up to us. Why shouldn't we have believed ego stroking like that?

We grew up. Most people do. No point revisiting immaturity.

Of course, I would have killed for a free ride ANYWHERE. I do still harbor a wee bit o' bitterness for the counselors that couldn't help me find any scholarships. That bitterness resurfaces, say, every month, when I pay the student loan bill, or when I go over the finances and see the mountain of debt that still exists.

Veronica Mitchell said...

I hear ya. I was definitely in the insuffereable ass category. For better or for worse, I have sisters who will occasionally quote my seventeen-year-old self to me now. Ah, sisters.