poor Ivan

I have always loved Ivan Karamazov, but I got a lot more sympathetic with him after I had children. In fact, the night Colin was born, one of the first things I thought about as I held him was the chapter in The Brothers Karamazov where Ivan tells Alyosha the story of the general who set his dogs on the boy while his mother watched.

"And if the suffering of children goes to make up the sum of suffering needed to buy truth, then I assert beforehand that the whole of truth is not worth such a price."

The problem of evil has never caused my faith to waver, but some days I read the news and think that the redemption of things like this is beyond my comprehension, and I look forward to the day when they are, somehow, put to rights.

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Beck said...

It's hard, isn't it? One great comforts for me is that I am NOT God and that I don't have to know all of the reasons.