two kinds of grandmother

Colin & Marky have two kinds of grandmother: the "serious about helping rear the children" kind and the "spoils them outrageously" kind (of course, Peter's mom does occasionally spoil them, and my mom has been known to help with disciplinary matters-- but the general predilections are there). I think it's good that they have one of each.

My mom is the spoiling outrageously one. So is her first cousin, my "Aunt" Brenda. The last time we visited Brenda's home, I was attempting to repress Colin and said to him, "...because I'm sure Aunt Brenda has a spanking* spoon in her house!"

Aunt Brenda sipped her coffee and said, "No, I don't believe I do have a spanking spoon in my house."

I have a feeling I might be that kind of grandmother, as well.

*Yes, Colin gets a spanking every now and then. I know, I've just ruined all my AP cred. Oh, well.

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