Christmas card supplement

To all of you who received our Christmas letter and decided to check out my blog, welcome! We thought we'd take this opportunity to expand on our very abbreviated letter.

The year has been marked by some sadness-- the death of Sherri's Aunt Sandra in October and the struggles of many friends with cancer come to mind-- but also much joy.

We both continue to be active at Church of the Apostles in Fairfax. Peter will finish up a three year vestry term in March. We are glad he was able to serve-- particularly in such interesting times as these for the worldwide Anglican communion-- and glad he's done. Peter and Sherri both continue to serve as Lay Eucharistic Ministers. Sherri also does occasional nursery duty, bakes bread for the visitor welcome packages, serves on the Young Adult Ministry Steering Committee, and serves on the Discipleship Design Team (as does Peter), which oversees and initiates new discipleship functions at COA.

Among those discipleship functions this year was Sherri's Jane Austen class, a six-session reading group focusing the ethical discourse of Austen's novels, particularly in relation to the formation of character. She had a blast teaching, and is considering another reading group on a different author for summer 2008.

December marked the completion of COA's first full year apart from The Episcopal Church. We are hopeful, happy, and confident that God will see us through these uncertain times. We love our connection with the Church of Nigeria, and are thoroughly pleased to be part of the growing diocese of the Anglican District of Virginia.

Colin and Marky continue to grow and learn and amaze us every day. Colin is brilliant and introverted, while Marky is brilliant and totally up to the challenges of being the only extrovert in our house. Colin loves books, knows the alphabet and the sounds that letters make, and is getting better at counting every day. Marky likes books, too, but not as much as he loves zipping around the house, wreaking havoc like Jack-Jack Parr. Colin's first full sentence was, "Read it, please, Dad." Marky's first sentence was "That's a ball!" Marky LOVES balls, and music, and banging on things. They are both dear, delightful, exhausting, exhilarating little guys.

We hope this finds everyone well. Please drop us a line via phone or email or comment on this post.


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