chop chop!

No, really. CHOP.

I may have him take a little more off the top when I go back; we'll see how this lives for the next five weeks. On the whole, though, I really like it.

I really liked my long hair, too, but all I ever did with it was put it up in a knot or into a low ponytail. That's it. So when I don't have little grabby hands to deal with all the time, I'll grow it back out. For now, this is lots of fun.


Ghost Writer said...

It's very becoming. You'll have to let me know how short hair works with the grabby little hands. Will always seems to find that one hair from my temple or neck that seems to be connected to every nerve in my body.
I can't wear hair that short, but I certainly have been thinking about going back above the shoulders. B didn't want me to cut it until we had our picture taken. Now that we've done that, I just may go ahead with it.

Carrie said...

Hi Sherri,
I think it looks really good! I like the bangs on you, I don't think I've ever seen you with them before.

Michael said...

That looks great, Sherri! It also means that *my* hair is longer than yours :)