motherhood involves special exigencies for introverts

This would be my "Mommy loves her children more than she wants to indulge her introversion" face. Or maybe the "I love my children but I'm approaching sensory overload" face. Or maybe my "The Victory Christian Fellowship Hallowe'en Hallelujah party is about to tip me over the edge into xenophobia face."

Or maybe it's my "YOU BRING WHISKEY NOW" face.

We actually had a perfectly pleasant time, inasmuch as that could be had, at the in-laws' church's Hallowe'en Hallelujah party. There was trunk-or-treating! And free church lady* food! The folks at VCF are perfectly kind and welcoming and gave our kids lots and lots of really good candy. It was just loud. And there were people. We were all just a little twitchy there at the end.

*Not something to complain about. I LOVE church lady food.


M. Robert Turnage said...

This is one of the best things, ever! Thank you so much for posting this.

Sherri said...

Er, thanks. Thank you. Glad to be of use.

rolfthedog said...

i still look for exits and assess possible threats (obnoxious people who will probably want to talk to me) whenever i find myself in a crowded area. i usually adopt an entirely different set of behaviors to try and remain perfectly private in a public place.

Veronica Mitchell said...

I completely understand.