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Five Things I Love In My Kitchen

  1. My Kitchen Aid stand mixer, which kneads bread dough for me, and puts together cookies at unbelievable speeds

  2. My cast iron Dutch oven, in which I have fried chicken, okra, and donuts (not at the same time), cooked bacon, sauteed pork chops, made chili, cooked up roux for gumbo, baked cornbread, made frittata, etc. Best are the days when a bacony morning is followed by a cornbread supper with the cornbread baked in the bacony drippings.

  3. My five burner gas stove, which has power burners that use jet engine BTUs. I love having that much fire at my disposal, muah ha ha ha.

  4. My coffeemaker, because it makes coffee for me, and I love anyone or anything that provides me with the precious life-giving beverage.

  5. My santoku knife, which needs to be sharpened presently but is still far superior to any other knife I have ever owned. I just wave it at potatoes and they fall apart.

I would like to note that three of the items on this list-- the knife, the mixer, and the stove-- were essentially presents from my hubs. Because he is a man who knows how to please a woman. At least, this woman.


Kimberly said...

I love it that you have a label for "bacon" for your blog. Marcus would love it.

Mr. Happy? No, Mr. Needs Sleep... said...

I am jealous because:
a) you have a dutch oven
b) you have a SHARP knife
c) you have a GAS stove.

d) is esoteric... (you're not HERE anymore, and I envy you that).