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I spoke to my mom briefly after the funeral today, and was pleased to hear it was incredibly well-attended. There were people standing outside the chapel, and so many flowers there wasn't room for them all.

There were three chapters of the Red Hats (she was the queen of her local chapter) in attendance, all of them decked out in their red and purple gear. They consulted Uncle Leon before the funeral to make sure that was okay, and he said it was fine with him because it would have made Aunt Sandra smile.

Many of my family were there, including my cousin Warren, whom I really want to see again before he goes back to Iraq for a third tour of duty. I just hate that I couldn't have been there.

Also, the kennel was Aunt Sandra's business venture; Uncle Leon is keeping their pets, but the breeding animals and the puppies he is clearing out. So my mom claimed a female Boston terrier pup-- she feels that Murphy needs a girlfriend, as he humps everything in sight.*

Finally, we have heard from the nine year old crash survivor (the other victim's granddaughter) that Sandra's last words were, "Oh, shit."

Probably not the first instance of that in history, but amusing nonetheless when you take into account her character and culture.

*...and if I never hear my mother utter the phrase "humps everything in sight" again, it will be too soon. Gaaah.

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Kimberly said...

Ok, weirdly enough, as I was reading your post, I was hearing Nicole C. Mullen's "Redeemer" played on the radio that the construction guys are listening to. How cool is that?
Here is a youtube video link for the song.