just the anticipation...

...has made me sick of the chatter about Dumbledore being gay.

I still love Dumbledore, and I stand by my love of the novels. Rowling's announcement made me cringe a little bit-- mostly because it will just give the fundagelicals more to get pop-eyed about-- but it does not change the content of the books, and even reading the books with that information will not change their ethical tone. "Dumbledore's disordered affections led to the great tragedy of his life" is a statement that was true before, and is still true now.

I'm going to go pick up Phaedrus again, I think. The whole dialogue is such a wonderful treatment of the arousal of the affections as a pedagogical approach, and I think some of the theory there works equally well when we use it as a framework to think about how literature affects the mind and heart of the reader.

More on this later, maybe. I have to think about it some more.

On a vaguely related note, I have praying a lot for wisdom lately. Looking back, I have realized that wisdom was something I never actually asked for too much-- partly because I was so academically gifted that it didn't occur to me what a fool I was. I wonder how much different my educational experiences would have been if I had been praying fervently for wisdom instead of being an approval-oriented, self-flagellating, self-sabotaging idiot?

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