an Elfman-inspired film series has to happen now

The last bit on Morning Edition this morning was a delightful interview with Danny Elfman regarding his favorite films, and his favorite musical moments in film.

He mentions a whole list of films scored by Bernard Herrmann, the man who inspired Elfman himself to become a film composer. I've seen some of them, and now I want to watch the rest. As a matter of fact, I want to re-watch the ones I've seen and pay special attention to the score. This could be a great film series for our young adult film nights at church.

All this was very informative, but what really made the interview delightful was Elfman's affability and lack of pretentiousness. I love it when creative people are friendly and accessible rather than grumpy and self-absorbed. (For a great example of the latter, listen to Terry Gross' interview with Thom Yorke from July 2006. I love Fresh Air, and I think Ms. Gross is a brilliant journalist, but ten minutes into the interview I wanted to smack Thom Yorke. Him and all his extra letters.)

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