la la la! have dunnit

The mei tai is done! Yay!

I did it in a hurry, so it's not my prettiest sewing. I also left off the hood straps and pocket from that patter, but it's sturdy and it will carry a baby on my back through the airport, and that's what we wanted. It was good practice, though, and I am having ideas about improvising my own design so I can make and sell them. You know, in all that free time I have.

NOW. I just have to
clean the kitchen and living room,
do all the laundry, pack said laundry,
finalize plans to have my plants watered,
figure out what to do about my COA bread assignment,
strategerize about travel snacks/entertainment for toddler,
clean out my refrigerator, and
finish TY notes for Marky's birthday presents.

And then we can go. Heh.

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