it would be totally justifiable

I want an iPhone. I play with one every time I pass an Apple store. But really, it wouldn't be a justifiable purchase. Who wants to leave Verizon for AT&T, or even T-Mobile? Not I.

That there iPod Touch, on the other hand, I can completely justify. Even with a laptop, there's a limit to what I can get down in terms of ideas and writing. Is difficult to note an idea in my head or on a scrap of paper long enough to get to my computer, especially with the kids in tow. But the Wi-Fi iPod touch plus Google Docs would equal a tiny little super-portable computer. Really, all I do is Internet browsing and word processing. I don't need lots of memory and processor and goodies. The iPod touch would totally do the job.

There now. If someone would like to please give me $299 for a new iPod Touch, just shoot me an email. Thank you.

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