I'm such a good consumer

Yesterday my mom and I took a field trip with the boyzos to find some clothes for me at the Louisiana Boardwalk, where we met up with my sister and my Aunt Brenda, who is not my aunt at all, but my first cousin once removed.

I have hated clothes shopping for a long time. But yesterday, I actually enjoyed myself.

Weight loss is amazing! I had fun shopping for clothes!

I don't think clothes shopping ever been fun for me; even prior to getting large, I didn't love it. As an introvert, I'm prone to sensory overload fairly quickly. Also, in the South, a whole cultural infrastructure has evolved around a kind of hyper-articulated femininity, supported by and supporting consumer culture. I have been in revolt against that as long as I can remember. Recently, however, I have decided that it's okay for me to choose clothes that are not gender-obscuring and ugly-- that doesn't mean I've bought into the Southern construction of gender.

Also, outlet pricing is a very happy thing.

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