it's the little things that make it all worthwhile

So I have discovered, and become addicted to, Spout. I just love that, while scrolling through my list of movie recommendations, I see more than one film that has been tagged "midgets."

Haven't clicked on the midget tag yet, though. Scared of what I may find.


M. Robert Turnage said...

What is your Spout handle? Mine is m_rturnage. My hope is that by clicking the midget tag, you will find a wide array of short films. TERROR COMES TO TINY TOWN!

Michael said...

I bet it's "Even Dwarves Started Small." Don't click, you'll be driven mad.

Jen said...

can I comment over here? I just got yelled at for being misogynistic at another blog I commented on. The woman went on for 7 paragraphs about how her husband can't buy grapes since he spends too much and they're usually crappy when he buys them and she feels like all her frugality goes out the window. and I said, who cares, it's his money and he remembered the kids like grapes, and I got all attacked.