going to the movies

I miss it. I can't even to morning mommy movies anymore because I have to wrangle Colin.

I believe this has influenced, more than anything else, my decision to okay my mom on the little portable DVD player she wants to get Colin for Christmas. He doesn't watch too many movies, and not very often, but when he does, it has to be on Peter's laptop (since my laptops are all busted, and we gave away all our televisions). So Peter was initially much more amenable to the idea than I was. Finally, after realizing that when Colin isn't watching a movie (which will be most of the time) I can catch up on my movies during car trips, I said yes. So we'll see.

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M. Robert Turnage said...

Darin Phillips once told me that watching movies with the volume off and the subtitles on was the only he could anymore. Whenever he was up with a restless baby was the only time he had any time to himself to watch a movie. I'm not 100% on giving a kid a DVD player, but I AM in line with director Hayao Miyazaki when he said that movies should be seen once a year at the MOST. None of this Teletubby-inspired, "Again! Play it again!" nonsense. You savor the temporal experience and don't revisit until you've changed in some way. Yep. That's how I would do it. But, since, I don't have kids, should I really present myself as a know-it-all? Only the blogging community will truly know.