just in case you were wondering

Still no baby.

I am now three days overdue. We have a c-section scheduled for September 13, which is exactly the 42 week mark. I suppose I can't complain about that, because after 42 weeks things can get a little rough on the baby-- higher mortality rate and whatnot.

But I'm doing everything I can to go into labor before that: walking, eating spicy food, taking evening primrose oil.

If I still haven't gone into labor by the 11th or 12th, I have not ruled out taking castor oil (which works, apparently, by giving you such gut-wrenching diarrhea that the uterus contracts in sympathy). That's how much I want to avoid another cursed c-section. The risks of nearly always fertility-threatening, potentially life-threatening placental complications are just so much higher in a pregnancy after multiple c-sections-- and we don't want this to be our last.

Anyhow, any prayers you send up for me to labor spontaneously and naturally would be much appreciated.

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