So yesterday I consulted my OB about various home-remedies for bringing on labor-- red raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, curb walking, castor oil, etc. And she said to try whatever I wanted, mentioning that castor oil was pretty popular.

So this morning I drank 4 oz of the stuff, mixed well with an equal amount of orange juice plus a good squeeze of lime. By the way, I had always thought from the way people talked about it that castor oil must taste awful. In fact, it has no taste-- it's the texture which is truly hideous. It's thick and goopy and...eeyh. But I have to say, stirred hard into the orange juice and chugged down quickly, followed by a chaser of nice cold lemonade, it wasn't that bad. Not something I plan to do every day, of course, but totally bearable.

So now, an hour later, I am starting to feel the initial effects. Also not bad-- at first, anyway. I thought I'd put some notes on the blog for posterity and any other mommies desperate to go into labor. I'll report more when there's more to report.

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