names names names names

So we have narrowed the name choices for Mr. X (Baby X?) down to four, but can't seem to get past that. Each has something to recommend it. At this point we have almost decided just to wait until the kid is born and see what he looks like. But we welcome your input on:

Nicholas Thomas (after N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham, brilliant communicator, unparalleled voice for orthodoxy, and generally a theological badass; also, Thomas is Peter's brother's name)

Luke Edward (the name Luke we just liked, and then found out I have several ancestors named Luke; Edward is Peter's father's name)

Mark Augustine (we are involved in a study of Mark's gospel right now, plus we just like the sound of it; Augustine is, of course, after St. Augustine of Hippo)

David Walker (after David Harper, our rector, and David Allison, the senior warden of our vestry-- both men have shown themselves to be humble leaders, brilliant, insightful thinkers, kind and compassionate human beings, and all around two of the finest, most admirable men we know; Walker is after Walker Percy, one of our favorite writers and thinkers of the 20th century, plus a little bit of a nod to POTUS)

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