how to disappear completely

The first time I told Peter the title of that song, he said, "Oh , this could be the theme for the Democratic party."

For instance, there's this wrong-headed strategy.

I think what the small cadre of Wal-Mart haters fail to realize is that whatever its wage and benefit policies, Wal-Mart makes life liveable for far more poor and lower middle class Americans than those policies might hurt. You can just get more goods cheaper there than anywhere else. I say this as someone who will generally shop somewhere else for the same goods, just because I don't care for the interior aesthetic at Wally World. But I can also afford to do that (mostly). Lots and lots of people can't. My parents do almost all their shopping at Wal-Mart, and that makes a big difference on the limited income provided by mymom's administrative job and my dad's niggling retirement from Lucent. And people like my parents are going to be very pissed off if the whining sophistry of people like Biden causes their primary source of affordable clothing and household goods to get less affordable.

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