a distress somewhat mitigated

My parents don't do it purposefully, but they do manage to alternate so that they both don't make me crazy at the same time. At the moment my dad is the voice of reason and sanity. I had a lovely talk with him today re: my mother's apparent determination to view me as the Bad Evil Daughter Who Moved Away And Abandoned Her Poor Old Parents.

His assessment: it has nothing to do with me and a great deal to do with menopause and her chronic back pain. He also acknowledged her tendency to cultivate self-pity and said the best response is just not to let it bother me. Which is actually great advice when coupled with his reminder to me, a few days previously, that stress is a choice. Yay, Dad!

Still, all of this does remind me of Sarah Vowell's friend who wanted to start a support group called Adult Children of Parents.

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Michael said...

Your father is a wise man.