small rant

So I was reading this article about precision liposuction, where women with otherwise "near-perfect" bodies get mere ounces of fat suctioned off from their knees or shoulders or wherever. And it's sort of what you would expect, with the women interviewed completely insecure about their looks or just completely oblivious to any ethic which might imply you can't endlessly transform your body, and most of the doctors interviewed either claiming they're just doing what patients want or issuing dire warnings about the possible consequences. And then I read this part:

But Rosamond Rhodes, the director of bioethics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, does not see an ethical concern. "Humans have always been willing to invest time, energy and risk in looking attractive, so I don't see smaller liposuction procedures as a sign of doom, gloom and the downfall of our culture," she said. "It's just medicine being used to address problems that it could not address before."

And I thought, this woman saying this is the director of bioethics at Mount Sinai???


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