in the "all it's cracked up to be" department

I just used New Skin for the first time today. Where have I been??? This stuff rocks. Plus it's fun to use.

Other stuff that actually lives up to the hype:

Has gotten everything out of baby clothes that Colin has managed to grind into them, including edamame barf and mixed-fruit poop.
Clorox kitchen wipes
I get kind of nervous is we run out of these. Jittery. So far I've resisted the temptation to wipe Colin with them, but I don't know how much longer I will last.
Ferrero Rocher bonbons
Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. Ahhhhhhhhhh. (insert Homer Simpson drool face here)
my Santoku knife
So sharp, so nicely weighted. I can just wave it at potatoes and carrots and they fall apart. I love that knife.
my KitchenAid box grater
I love this thing; it makes quick work of the hardest Parmesan and the squishiest fresh mozz.*

*Um, also the human thumb. Hence the need for the New Skin.


Kimberly said...

And parchment paper. Used to think that only Martha Stewart would use such a thing (like her infamous Silpats). Then I used some to bake some sticky cookies. MARVELOUS. Makes quick work of swapping cookie sheets, the product slides off the paper wtihout sticking. And, best of all, you can make up "papers" of cookies in advance even if you only have two cookie sheets, thus to hasten the cleaning up process.

quarto said...

The Ferrero Rocher bonbons are indeed yummy. I wanna try New Skin, now, too. Hooray for exciting new advancements in bandaids!

Sherri said...

Oh, yeah, parchment is fabulous. It's up there with the Clorox wipes in the "get nervous when I'm out" category.