i'm better read than i thought

Let me explain that title: I know I'm darned well-read. It's just that the majority of my reading time during the last ten years or so has been devoted to authors like Aristotle and Jane Austen and Dostoevsky, rather than a lot of recent fiction. Nevertheless, I was surprised to find several books I'd read on this list.

In case you're wondering: Beloved, Winter's Tale, White Noise and all the Cormac McCarthy.

I don't have any argument with them calling Beloved the best, but I wouldn't have argued with the Helprin or the McCarthy, either.

By the way, in support of the idea that literature is worthwhile, I'd like to mention that the Aristotle-Austen-Dostoevsky triad is more responsible for my moral and ethical development as a human being than any other book besides the Bible. I would not be the person I am if it weren't for them.

More anon; it's time to give the baby his bath.

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