Did you know Wal-Mart now sells organic soymilk? And 600 thread count bedsheets?

My world is crumbling a little bit, here.


Anonymous said...

That may well be true, but it's still a degrading experience to go in there, isn't it?

(I shop there because I live near it oh god no how did this walmart get here)


Sherri said...

I'm conflicted about calling it "degrading."

Aesthetically, yeah, it's generally offensive. Probably the number one reason I am more likely to go to Target ("Tar-jhay," heh) than Wal-Mart is that Target stores just feel nicer. They pay more attention to the shoppers' physical environment; the aisles are wider, the shelves are shorter, and almost everything is generally cleaner and neater.

That being said, though, I can't decide what frightens me more: the prospect of becoming one of them, the fat women with bad hair and dirty kids, or the prospect of becoming, well, a snob.

And in either case, I'm even more disturbed by how much I let something like what kind of consumer I am determine how I value myself. Hmmmm.