this is so irritating

Since #2 is on the way, it has become more imperative for me to redecorate the nursery, which I've been putting off since we moved in. Now that Colin is actually going to have to spend time there, I want to fix it up (its current Beatrix Potter ABC theme is nice enough, but a bit bland).

So, Peter and I being who we are, we really want a strong fairy tale theme for the room. The internet being the vast array of information that it is, I figured I could at least get some ideas by Googling around for fairy tale themed kids room decorating, etc.

And I got a ton of hits, but they're all for girls. It's all "fairy tale princess rooms galore!" and other such stuff. Where are all the dragons and knights and battles and things? I found some dragons, but they're all McCaffrey-esque, dragons are our wise friends sort of dragons. I prefer to stick with the classical Christian symbolism: dragons represent the devil. They're not our friends. They want to eat us.

Anyway, this room decorating thing is going to be a little harder than I thought. *sigh*


Kim Pospsil said...

Thought I'd share this idea with you. Got it from a magazine.

Decorate the furnature to look like something else. For example, (something we wanted to do but didn't have time for) we wanted to make the wardrobe look like a house. All we needed to do was add a roof to the top and paint it with windows, a door, maybe some shrubbery (two shrubs on each side with a path down the middle, NEE!) and so on.
Maybe you could turn a book shelf into a castle wall?

Cowpoke said...

Think weapons - fairy tale gear such as swords and crossbows are cool enough, but eventually the little tike is going to need something with a bit more oomph to it. That's why a good classics such as a Colt Peacemaker, a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum and a trusty Winchester .30-30 will all make for a motific yet practical bedroom suit for a growing boy.

(Be sure to wait until he's 7 or 8 before moving into the heavier arsenal, such as tripod-mounted .50 calibers and such.)