one of two

Five places you have lived
1. Shreveport, LA
2. Denton, TX
3. Dallas, TX
4. Washington, DC
5. Manassas, VA

Five things you were doing ten years ago
1. Reading Heidegger for the first time
2. Working at a coffeehouse in Grand Prairie, TX
3. Transferring from Dallas Baptist University to the University of North Texas
4. Giving lip service to Jesus while attempting to self-destruct via increasingly dissipated behavior
5. Taking up cigarettes

Five things you like to snack on
1. Crusty bread dipped in EVOO
2. Blood oranges
3. Ghirardelli baking chocolate
4. Krispy Kreme
5. Whatever new recipe I'm trying from the current month's Bon Appetit

Five songs you know the words to
1. Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
2. It Is Well With My Soul
3. I See a Darkness
4. The Wheels on the Bus
5. Father Abraham

Five things you would do with a million dollars
1. Pay off school loans and mortgage
2. Give to my parish's new building fund
3. Invest in Northern Virginia real estate
4. Buy my parents an RV and a vacation home in the Rockies
5. Renovate my kitchen

Five things you would never wear again
1. Pantyhose
2. Clothing with advertising slogans
3. A two-piece bathing suit
4. Button-down shirts made for men
5. Peasant skirts

Five bad habits
1. Putting a load of laundry in the washer and then letting it sit for two days before I remember to transfer it to the dryer
2. Procrastination
3. Giving the baby ice cream (this only a year after I swore only ever to feed him organic healthy foods-- ha!)
4. Over-committing myself
5. Speaking before I think

Five things you enjoy doing
1. Making my baby laugh
2. Cooking
3. Reading
4. Reading
5. Reading

Five favorite toys
1. iPod
2. Powerbook
3. My husband (he suggest this answer!)
4. My Ergo baby carrier
5. My Settlers of Catan games

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