it occurs to me...

...that perhaps I jumped the gun on MOPS. Being slow about these things, it took me a while to make the connection that the meeting I went to was the pre-Valentine's Day meeting. So the pink hearts and things, while still icky, make a little more sense. Am less afraid they will be there every time.

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Rina said...

long long ago, in a land far away, we met and mingled briefly when Kim was still Kent, not Pospisil.

I just have to say, I love your writing style! And, I can completely relate to your MOPS experience.

Marry someone in the military and suffer similar humiliations as a military wife.

I am now married to an Airforce Officer and boy am I impressed with the spouses gatherings. Nothing like a good Mary Kay facial, tupperware party, or recipe exchange gathering to bring the girls together... gag.

And, how can any woman expect respect when her top priorities are as low as bland superficiality. Thank God for Blogs. lol