impromptu trip

Today, on a whim, I drove in to the District for lunch with some of my former co-workers.

Has traffic gotten worse since I was exposed to it everyday, or had I become numb to it? Because it suhuhuhucked today. I would like to post a PSA for every driver licensed by the state of Maryland:

See stick on left side of steering column? See stick? Okay. You want change lanes to left, push stick down. Light on left side of car come on, like magic! Then other drivers know you coming. Can get out of way. Want change lanes to right, push stick up. Light on right side of car come on, like magic! Oooo. See the pretty lights? Other drivers like to see pretty lights, too.

Thank you.

Anyway, it was fun to drive down Constitution and provide commentary for Colin:

"See the cute little neo-hippies, Budbud? They think they're all countercultural, but really, they're just joiners."

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quarto said...

Mwhahaha I love those instructions. "Other drivers like to see pretty lights, too."

I can't decide if it's better to just be a regular joiner, or be a joiner who at least thought about it long enough to decide they didn't want to be a part of the regular group. ?