This is so depressing.

I wonder about these people. Do they have moments of contemplation or introspection where they doubt themselves? Are they always so self-congratulatory on their superior thinking and dedication to logic and science? Because it seems like a very barren universe in which they live. The ones who really kill me are the ones who brag about how they don't believe in God, and that's just fine with them,, no matter how troubling it may be to the unthinking masses.

Puts me in mind of Simone deBeauvoir's Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter. She gives the most heart-rending account of the day she stopped believing in God, and what I appreciate about it is the intellectual honesty-- it was horrible for her.

Of course, I want to believe it was horrible for her, because I believe in God, and I believe He is important, and I believe that human beings need Him. So of course I want to believe that not believing in Him would be troubling. But you know what? I'm okay with that. I acknowledge that my wanting to know or believe a thing has a great deal to do with whether I actually believe or know it.

And, as one of the respondents (who does not believe in God) said, there is no logical system I know of in which God's existence can be proven or disproven. So I have what I hope is a troubling idea for you, Mr. God Doesn't Exist And That's Just Fine With Me: you don't believe in God not because you're a superior thinker. You don't believe in God because you don't want to.

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