i guess i shouldn't be surprised

So, I was in a meeting at church the other day, and someone mentioned that, concurrent to the used book sale, they'd be updating some volumes in our little church library, taking some out, and adding new ones. I was pleased to hear this, as right now it's stocked with things like the super seventies edition of Dare to Discipline and every freaking volume of the Left Behind series.

So I asked if perhaps the LB books were going to be removed. Oh, no, they're staying; they're some of the most read books in the library.

Um, I'd consider that all the more reason they should be trashed. I can't think of a single more theologically pernicious book in recent years than that series. To begin with, the eschatological vision is a) not in line with Anglican teaching (insofar as I am aware) and b) based on a very poor reading of Scripture. Also, the whole cultural self-positioning of evangelicals vis-a-vis those books is a particular brand of unbelievably wrong-headed separationism. Also not in line with Anglican teaching, also based on a poor reading of the Bible. It just enables American evangelicals in the cultivation of their ridiculous persecution complex.

Christians in America are not persecuted, people! I'll tell you what: when, because of your faith, you live in constant danger of having a tire pushed down around your shoulders and set on fire and your children mutilated or sold into slavery, then you can complain to me about persecution.

Anyway, I digress. The point is, the Left Behind books may belong in a public library, it being public and all, but there's no reason for us to accomodate them.

Then came the salt in the wound: the person telling us this assured us that the Harry Potter books would not be on the shelves!


Okay. I realize that many people are freaked out by Rowling's work, despite what in my opinion is clear and compelling evidence that she is writing in the tradition of the Inklings. To put it bluntly, I think HP are overtly Christian stories if you have the ears to hear. But lot's of people don't, so whatever. Fine-- let's err on the side of not causing a brother to stumble.

But shouldn't we-- couldn't we, please please please-- apply that also to the &$^$@!% Left Behind novels?

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